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will . fine arts e tensions are high maintenance a lot and helped pressure is growing for world leaders to respond to the crisis more than you think this hat. and the un security council meeting featured harsh words to describe russia's interests in ukraine there are a few with a look at that coming up. and it may turn out that in this syntax and was executed. cameron todd willingham was found guilty of killing his three daughters and an arson attack is that really the case will tell you more later on
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the shelf. tuesday marked where i can and washington d c i'm enduring a bit in your watching our team air the kids in ca with the latest in ukraine most of the attention is now centering on the southern peninsula of time yet which is located on the northern coast of the black sea as geo political tensions continued to rise control over the region is now one night stand but for more on the most recent developments i spoke with our keys each work is going on. i first asked him to talk about what happened in kenya today while at the same or worse has been a normal working tuesday. lots of people on the streets going about their business of all the rules are open to traffic shops are open cafes restaurants use a headset even sometimes when we are filming reports will post them up to me and say
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why is this a mini media here's why you guys reporting on there's nothing to report on science which is i think though that as of the key words abide to. it's actually the media or western ukrainian media with which many locals are quite dissapointed. there really aren't happy with the weight of the west has been showing pictures here are the situation here in the crimea saying that when the watch some of the us mainstream channels they get a feeling after watching those picks up tents and stuff. here allegedly in the crime yet they did they say they have a feeling that there's some sort of a war taking place. and they agreed or agreed with the point of view in fact a group of activists held this fall this drives. on tuesday one of the crimean cities say they want so the day of the walden media the more attention to how objectives of the reporting is. in fact many are saying that they think the situation here in the crimea is much more calm
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right now than in the rest of the country and i think is the only remaining intentions was to come up now and then are probably between the so called self defense class events in the outdoors ukrainian troops the remaining ukrainian troops still haven't stuffed with allegiance to two local authorities. i need for there are reports of shots being fired in the air had any shots herself on the area seem to be safe. well the city is completely safe with our innocence of a knowledge capital of crimea also in sanaa spoke with the wishes of the largest and second largest seaport of the ukraine in general which is pretty crummy there but there was this one incident when tensions role was in between one of those self defense wants it to the boarding one of the airports in the crimea and fifty ukrainian troops along with the officers and representatives of the media were actually broadcasting
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the fourth choice in life the morris wants you to self defense was trying to enter this airport until they get fired warning shots into the air. asking and asking the troops to stop at the window as we heard on the deal which was broadcast live. some of the people and that's the route were trying to provoke of. the this offence not saying just why the dogs they went on and identity were able to weasel his way to negotiations. no fighting broke out and the way getting reports now that i actually really be were allowed to enter that's the airport and try to leave right now they are for allegedly buried in patrolling it together but i can delete them from this information since we're pretty far away from that place right now apart from that incident. in general i can say about the situation has become our eye and elections are planned and now
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remain at silver hearing what people on the ground saying about this what's the reaction to that. well the elections are being planned or the presidential election is being planned by the new authorities in the local cia are saying more more of them the official of the local authorities here are also saying they did not recognize any sort of decisions coming out of the new authority since they'd been peaking power you hear week and today don't see any legitimacy in the soap orders sense of right now aborted. here is focusing on the upcoming referendum. which should decide whether or not the right is to add even more independence from the unfairness of the presidential election his plan for the end of may this referendum is now being planned for the end of march so perhaps this during the referendum that will find out how much independence from kiev the radiance of living here in this water that she really wants. we're
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also think that said i will point out to about some economic changes in the financial institutions and structures here because of lots of attention them on local court the discussions that are focused on our house always will be paid pensions and so on until all different from the president of fortune the president of russia. oh well. with the russian journalists in moscow it promised financial support from russia to the crimea. so this news was greeted with applause here in the republic local authorities say it will be used productively also in the gut to increase the saudis also a local hostel workers police and so on so i guess so the authorities are now focusing more about love just what the things here in the republic independently sort of from here even though this referendum still hasn't been held and even though the authorities and people together to say that to the twenty oh seven the west
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holdings typos independence referendum under several new law suits me just ask. seems there is yet i want to be determined until all play out in the next few months apart when aunt ali had time for bernard teague course finding work is going on in ukraine in teal. as tensions rise on the streets in ukraine a country has been seeking new leaders to carry the country into a new era. but as rt peter oliver finds out these new leaders also happen to be the country's richest business people. the u s through the elected governments know that people with kids independence square the message footloose would lead the country. we have together together all these oligarchs and put the storm and a dozen foreign accounts and ukraine are conscious of money. solar houses the course until we can put into the fold. too late says names to take over key roles in ukraine are also among the richest in the country
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the goal is he is the fifth richest man in ukraine with a fortune estimated at a cool two point four billion dollars to get out into the store he went around to billion. but other members of the poem in its appointed authorities in kiev the poverty stricken the snow going by the prophecy portfolios. this is the key of hole with interim prime ministeravior ise of the more modest dwellings belonging to members of the interim government that some of ukraine's new leadership with far more opulent lifestyles. twenty eight the table was a postal is only one hundred square feet or apartments. however if the no of the residents could recall ever having seen him. ukrainian journalists discovers he was actually living in a mansion surrounded by high walls. and as the country gears up for elections. the businesses says that the potential presidential candidates to
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come under the microscope although prime minister yulia tymoshenko is the proud owner of a series of lecturing homes including one in the exclusive village of silk that day which boasts a private beach and moorings for y'all. locate the bush and his multimillion dollar country trial has more than a little of the white house about six. many of those on independence square. too many presidential hopefuls being too close to too much of the country's cash for far too long the film with who i want to see professional oligarchs running the country you've all been a round of power for a long time. i want to see new faces each a real specialist. at this point the coals for an end to the reign of the oligarchs from protest is. it seems the whole of ladies vying for power in kiev comes straight out to ukraine's financial elites control of a aunty
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kiev. and we're just learning that the un security council will hold another emergency meeting on the crisis in ukraine on monday of next week. this time at the request of russia this'll be the third security council meeting held as a result of the ongoing conflict in the country. our tees on the stasi a truck and takes a look at the ladies from the new land and how the media is interpreting the crisis would you feel the rush of its iggy she said she said as the war of words peeks over the ukrainian crisis. due to the informant shop and ukrainian territory was truly humbling process and dubbed it the aggressor long before sending troops to ukraine was even considered jacqui what's in my teens even the likes of discredited politicians like former georgian president to weigh in on the situation eases us. they need to rush out the team that guy by
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the media. the older each year and double duty the moment. or better. it was the meanest one while the last acts as if democracy is its only concern. it is a very very good looking distressed. as if oblivious to the fact that the west has long been interested in ukraine for geopolitical reasons. remember the tomato this will allow for years now really since the end of the soviet union seen ukraine as the frontier of the two expansion be the stabilization began at the behest of the united states the european union and nato the united nations russian ambassador made an appeal from victory and called it's still officially ukraine's president to put in to get involved. i appeal to the president of russia lead in the region. do you say armed forces of the russian federation to establish the rule of law peace or stability and to protect the people of ukraine you don't know where each march and won. most often fourteen despite this the west continues to push for interpretive dance. otherwise it is a violation of
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international law and a violation. the integrity of the independent nation of ukraine with the media forming opinion the crisis has largely turned into a propaganda war and independent journalists continue to report that there is no evidence of violence against russian or pro russian communities have the impression that ms power is that they using the information from us tv that he got turned upside down by the western media boston never said it wanted a war with ukraine where that is gold has ever been to the next crimea from ukraine's territory as this conflict turns into a war of words what it doesn't laugh is misinformation as accusations emotions and that's why fight the future of ukraine remains un clear the situation on the ground a lot more complex than the good guy bad guy covers is this issue to rt meal for more reaction on what's going on in ukraine earlier i spoke with uk member of parliament george galloway
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ever assassin how he would like to see the eu proceed regarding the conflict in the country. well of the european union and would force of will be best to distance itself from the ludicrous nonsensical approach that the united states government is taking off the roll from the luxury of many thousands of miles away. the united states. i can take a second view on strike us up in cotton mill above the european union this g i joe with a rush always has been always will be is dependent on trade and energy. with the rush on. and should know to hold the bailout. with a stick not just because there's no justification for doing so well because it cannot possibly be in our own national interest the british government of course which has invaded the doctor tried in massive numbers. all soldiers and
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occupation troops country often country over the last ten fifteen years. being complicit in killing more than a million people in those occupations is in the last possible position to elect are all the people about what they do i follow events in a country on its own doorstep the facts of the month are the russia has every right to beat all the geisha. to act in defence all of its compatriots its citizens its economic and military assets which it has on the character in all of the ukraine by a demon invited to an all russian government. no one will be of limited government could possibly follow such thing to be in danger of them go without taking the action the present woods and has taken. i'm not talkin about the opposition in ukraine recently you actually
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referred to the demonstrators as terrorists and you still stand by that claim. i do of course not everyone involved in the demonstrations in the mud and worked everest or even extremists although most of the heavy lifting in the fight to hang with the police and security forces. i was done by ultra nationalists at best and outright nazis and fascists that war. and they had some very peculiar our friends from the far right republicans senate the john mccain. to lucifer i knew it did the retired to opt out of play. the israeli military office hours. rule of talking about the war on them i've done in the israeli newspaper ha'aretz just the other day so undoubtedly if you are killing policemen. you're sitting policeman on file. if you are teaching or bar by physical force the organs of
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the state at driving the elected president from the land. and i and the forcing members of parliament to put the knives are fond of june arrest of four changes to the government and so on then about a sobbing anywhere else you could be sure. the bbc would be calling them terrorists. no doubt that all. we do know that the ukrainians had a number of grievances with the government including it in a lack of jobs high inflation and government corruption and the song reflected in the president's opinion polls leading up to the original protest. i am your opinion what could or should the opposition have done if not speak to the streets in protest. well let me say i agree with what you said. i'm not here holding any kind of tunnel for unocal that in fact i think he was a pretty awful present and the corruption and the existence although only got ppl are in ukraine is something that has been
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inimical to. standard of life the quality of life of every person while the ukrainian or russian speaking. and the characters above is quite simple. what they could have done the president on the pressure are no doubt from the demonstrations but the negotiation and agreement with european union ministers agreed to bring fall want an adelaide presidential election. just a few months from now. and of course chemical which could have been boarded up probably would have been boarded up at that point. that's not what happened to be like the situation in egypt. as the most he was a very bad president. but he noted even forty yet of the way to get rid of about presenters to bowl them out. although eyes of the key rules and prevails and normally of course the western media is making up about that except with our
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geometry is in the interest in this case out of kate was hoped to move to russia in a difficult place and it is the preoccupation of western policymakers the media echo chamber to make life as difficult as possible for russia. i need and just mention as to what we're saying happen in ukraine is very much like what he saw happen in egypt when protesters socks from the morse the democratically elected president. you'll even sam are ok or justified to overthrow an elected president. i guess. if those are real revolution in the four of the best among all of the people you'll always find me on the particular aerobatic eight. but that's not what's happened to move on the docks walked between them ten billion dollars have just been appointed by the so called revolution to be a governess in the eastern part all of you prayed one of them lives in switzerland so
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you'll find a very difficult to do that jaw. fascists who wish to. remember that it had been on top. the collaborators in ukraine who wish to hunt virtually non existent in the ukraine people want to bad and russian speakers from using the language a little floppy five percent of the population of our actions speak of the small revolution of the stopwatch for a very dark seedy is all caucasus so if you are getting rid of the article that. to put it on rio. a patriotic person who would be like that though for all the people in the ukraine who would seek to unite the people of ukraine rather than divide them. who would seek to have good relations with that in a bus rather than provocative may seek to be a tough call for how the poems and interests
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as an interested than double the only different thing that was george galloway and member of the uk parliament's respect party and newly discovered evidence is now suggesting that it taxes father was executed ten years ago for killing his three daughters may have been innocent all along. cameron todd willingham was sentenced to death in nineteen ninety two u after being convicted of murdering his daughters by burning down the home they were and. however that was all according to our seven ounces. that was later discredited. but the conviction was also based on key testimony from a jailhouse informant. and now even that testimony is being put into question. so could this state has executed wrongfully convicted man that's exactly what the innocence project is taking a closer look at to discuss as i was going to earlier by a staff attorney at the innocence project bryce bench and i first asked him to explain it to discredit our son now says used in the case. yet it
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again this was the of the horrible fire that took place up just before christmas in nineteen ninety one. and the time the three willing and children were killed. i'm in a fire that was it initially on question time but then arson investigators. look at the time. the fire. with the evidence said. in science that was really outdated that the time and certainly now you know for a uniformly discredited. and now the other piece of that and so was testimony from ideal man man named johnny wet. i just love the audience is clear to me talk about his relationship to willingham and ny that testimony was so strategic. oh absolutely so in this case you hadn't. a man who had presumably no motive to murder his children and then you have scientific evidence. all the time indicating that this was an intentionally set fire. but
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again i during. we needed some reason. up for this to happen and edge on the web provided that for the state of webb claimed that during katie really implausible conversation that he alleged a place in the jail. i've met willingham confessed to having murdered his children and potentially setting the fire. i am. this again was discredited. even on its face. but the jury had to believe it because of the arson testimony. now flash forward of twenty are some testimony has been discredited. we now have to look again at what would have to say. and why would my dad said that while going out we going awfully here typing out an email of course innocence project has discovered acting in such a thing is we were just about to talk about i e no team you can tell us about what you found. yet all over
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it and that the trial. johnny with testified that he'd been offered nothing in return and in fact the prosecutor a man named john jackson became a judge had said. in fact there's nothing i can do for you. that was what the jury heard and gave them reason to believe. what ordinarily might not be believable for mr went up what we have now discovered our documents in which it really appears in the document suggests that there might have actually been a deal. the provided to mr wen and that is something that is uniformly recognized in the law. as a reason to overturn convictions if there is a knowing of evidence that this person was not telling the truth that was not provided to the defense. so what we have discovered is a handwritten note from the prosecutor's own file that says that what was to receive a second degree robbery conviction on charges
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that he was facing in because of hisoopen elliton. and that t us appears to be a smokingyp docua deal. there's another note hat we discovered which was only two months after the conviction of mr willingham which is attributed to the prosecutor jackson in which it forms the core. to tell the prison system that we have received a sentence of second degree robbery even know where that claimed the trial testified at trial under oath that he was convicted of an activated defense. so again none of this adds up that was bryce attended a staff attorney at the innocence project. well why she is in dc has seen its fair share of shady business from common routes to brides to scandals. a seminar here a nation's capital. the new states are offering some competition when it comes to political corruption parties'
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make an offence has the story one heartbeat away from residents in a single photo of mine. democracy is. they sound like lots of straight out of the hit netflix show house of cards twenty fourteen has started off with one case a filthy lawmakers facing criminal charges tonight. investors a state representative closing around a concocted a scheme to funnel thousands of dollars to his sister after another are the two term democratic senator from one of bella was charged in the twenty four count felony indictment after another of political corruption bringing powerful politicians to their needs in florida the new york times document we had three of our mayors arrested on corruption charges and in just one month that was last year and florida is gaining a reputation as a russian couple and us. most recently california state senator martin calderon was charged with twenty four counts of fraud conspiracy money
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laundering and hopping file false tax returns after accepting one hundred thousand dollars in exchange for favors and also facilitating a five hundred million dollar health care fraud scheme. despite the evidence and getting caught in an fbi sting calderon has pled not guilty they sail the world world the way they operate that way now in the legal system to enter above it is well. and that's when the plane to think a technicality or a loophole or some somebody maybe won't testify or a peacekeeper work. now they face still feel above it also in california a state senator robert wright was found guilty of all eight criminal counts of perjury and voter fraud last month prosecutors say my pretended to live in a rental property just so he can run for senate in that district state republicans trying to expel him from office but failed to garner enough votes he is now on unpaid leave of absence until his sentencing meanwhile an ohio state representative pete that is facing sixty nine charges of
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fraud theft perjury receiving stolen goods and engaging in a pattern of polite behavior prosecutors say he funneled money to his campaign and also a local church authorities say operates more like a pull back pleaded not guilty and is even seeking re election. things aren't much better across the country first of its kind integrity investigation that analyze transparency accountability and can see correction mechanism is he's twenty six states failing grades and not a single state received today was rampant corruption across the country and still wonder why people are becoming more wary of politicians they put in office congressional approval ratings are the desolate thirteen percent and trust in government as new record low the millennial generation grown up to destress government heavily in the baby boomers who are re uniting their mistrust of government to levels that they haven't since they were
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protesting since the sixties so it's across the board it's a mentality some states like florida are making progress to crack down on corruption the nonpartisan integrity florida group is working on reforming ethics by helping craft transparency accountability and finance laws are written together our third year of operations began traveling the state building support for ethics reform and thankfully our lawmakers took action in a bipartisan way. after more than three decades passing the most comprehensive ethics reform bill that forces seen since the nineteen cents but there's still a long way to go to the media help and expose these allow for short can people vote more than make a real big and that's absolutely there's a lot more they could be done but at least it's starting. he ends up to the the press to demand accountability. if they don't want a series like the house of cards for those of us climbed into the top of the food chain. it can be no mercy to become more fact
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than fiction. in washington than in the pants are t. man does it for now for more on the stories we covered the youtube dot com slash rt america. and check our website our t dot com slash usa. you can also follow me on twitter and in irrigated and so i thank purity things from watching. today i am you can go to school. nor did it yesterday. the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk
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tsk. nm. i don't. i know. all the while cantonese line at swansea much this time casting coup by ashley into camp. isn't it funny we are cursed and has defended russia's intervention in ukraine russian forces are facing off against ukrainian troops in the crimean peninsula. putin said no military action is needed for now bye. he says russians will protect their own. an hq of cheesecake stamina for points the twenty fifth

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